​nails spa

Waterless nails spa!!!

      - We perform our manicure, pedicure services without clients soaking their hands & feet in what could be contaminated water.

      - We use cleaned & sanitized warm towels in place of water.


Customer satisfaction guarantee

  Your satisfaction is importance to us. We want to ensure when you walked out our door happy. If you are unhappy with the services that were provided, or just simply needed a quick fix, we would like to have an opportunity to have you come back to salon so we can fix the issue.

Please note that the redo guarantee does not apply if the client decides to completely change the original look given from their last visit 2 weeks ago 


---- The elimination of water denies a breeding ground for any contamination from water basin, pipes, jets

----Upgrade Natural Vegan products Keratin, Waterless in the box.


-- We dispose of any implements that have been used during the service

--- Eliminate the risks associated with water borne diseases.

----- One times use products available

WATERLESS MANI PEDI nails salon, we make the health and safety of our clients is our ultimate priority

**What Benefit will customer get from our services? ** 

  --Anti-Fungal with Copaiba oil       

  ---Strengthening with Keratin                             

   ----Anti-Aging with Vitamin E                       

     ------Disposal (no sharing germs, bacteria..)

      --------Soothe, Delight, Vitamin A, fresh, detox   

       ---------Recharge, refresh, relieve

       -----------Twist, Sensation, Quench 




   --Clean, Hygienic and Fresh Every Time !

-----Upgrade products with protein like Keratin, Vitamin A, E& more Tangerine, Cucumber, Aloe Vera...ect