Waterless Mani Pedi
Promotes Natural Beauty, Health Safety, and Relaxation
10878 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33076
 Tues - Sat: 9:00am - 7pm & Sun: 10:00am - 5pm ** Close Monday **

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At Waterless Mani Pedi nail salon we make the health and safety of our clients our ultimate priority.  We autoclave our tools to exceed State board requirements.  We dispose of any implements that have been used during the service.  The salon is free from toxic fumes and dust from artificial nail services that are offensive and irritating to clients.  We are proud to offer services that promote natural beauty, health safety, and relaxation.  Our unique waterless manicure and waterless pedicure services eliminate the risks associated with water borne diseases.  We are unlike other salons that offer traditional spa pedicure where the basin is shared by many customers.  When soaking their feet in what could be contaminated water, they can unknowingly be exposed to a trap for harmful bacteria.  The elimination of water denies a breeding ground for any contamination that could be passed through the water basin, pipes, jets, or from client to client.

At Waterless Mani Pedi nail salon we offer only natural nails services including WATERLESS MANICURE, PEDICURE, GEL MANICURE, FACIAL, WAXING. We use only quality products from top companies such as OPI, Essie, Gel II, Cuccio, Skin Time products to enhance and protect clients' natural beauty and safety. 

We are conveniently located in Coral Springs ( in Broward county), and service all nearby cities including Parkland, Boca Raton, Margate, Coconut Creek,  and Tamarac. To make a reservation, you can call or email us, and we invite walk-ins to the salon.

Waterless Mani Pedi nail salon


Email: NailSalon@WaterlessManiPedi.com